Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Let us add the 'Sparkle' to your Christmas Party for 2010

The Mount Errigal Hotel has just released details of their premium christmas party pacakges for 2010, after much deliberation, the hotel decided that they wanted to create a sparkling, premium, top class experience for their guests at last years price!

Many hotels have went down the route of slashing their prices for party nights, making it almost impossible for them to provide the best in entertainment, service and food, however, last year the Mount Errigal learnt that people want good quality entertainment, good quality in food and service - all for a reasonable price.

The Mount Errigal Hotel is host to one of the largest function rooms in the North West of Ireland, making each of their party nights the 'hot spot' with at least 600 people per night. Each year the hotel has sold out every night very early in September and prior to release of their dates, they have had numerous bookings already from all over Ireland.

The hotel has spared no expense in flying in the UK's top Abba Band, Abba Reunion, who have toured Europe for 4 years and performed in the West End in London. They are also flying in the World's best Beatles Tribute, 'The Classic Beatles', who have performed with Sir George Martin, been requested by the Queen and have just returned from a concert in Latvia where they performed to a crowd of over 20,000 people!

Your night of glamour will commence with a warm welcome from one of their party hosts and a glass of Champagne by one of the hotels many open fires, enjoy the smooth tones of Ireland's Premier Crooner Dougie Breslin during your 4 course sumptuous dinner, let the excitement begin when the big band takes to the stage and be prepared for a spectacular show both musically and visually then dance until the 'wee hours' with Dj John Bosco.

For more information visit http://www.mounterrigal.com/ or email carolynne@mounterrigal.com

Monday, August 23, 2010

Record Results @ Mount Errigal Hotel

The Mount Errigal Hotel is enjoying phenomenal, record results since January 2010. The hotel believes its recent success is down to a whole spectrum of reasons, some of the main ones would be as follow

  • Improving Front Line Service Staff & Overall Customer Service
  • Offering the right Product at the right time to the right person both online & offline

  • Listening to their customers feedback & acting on it religiously

  • Introducing a new Marketing Strategy online & offline with a new focus on Social Media

Basically, they identified that tough times were ahead and when Carolynne Harrison, Sales & Marketing Manager joined them back in August 2009, they pledged that they would not be defeated and their first focus would be on the 'Customer Experience', from the second they clicked on our website or called us, to booking, to arriving, to dining, to sleeping, departing and reviewing their stay. Carolynne is surprised at how big an impact some basic 'tweaking' can have on a business and they have seen the results almost immediately! She is also delighted that some of their recent customers who complained about their recent stay are now some of their most loyal - all because they made sure their complaint was dealt with professionally and empathetcally.

Some interesting successes to date...

  • July 2010 was the hotel's busiest month since the hotel opened in 1984!

  • They achieved their highest ever occupancy, even though they have 140 bedrooms, they were mostly fully booked each night!

  • Since January 2010 to today they have had more than 700% increases in online revenue & bookings

  • In May, June & July they consistently broke records in the highest ever online revenue

  • They are number 7 in Ireland top Facebook hotels

  • Their guests are staying longer, spending more and most of them will book 1/2 days in advance (short lead time)

  • According to Google Analytics, they are 100% above the average visits their competitors get to their site - meaning their website is superbly optimized

  • They have had a phenomenal upsurge in bookings from Iphone & Ipads

  • Bookassist are trialling a new 'model' where you can book a hotel directly on Facebook and The Mount Errigal is delighted to be working with them on this trial

The hotel is delighted by its recent success and hopes that everyone can feel optimistic by their recent journey, Carolynne Harrison Believes that great things are done by a series of small things brought together and she believes that is is much more important to know where you are going rather than getting there quickly!


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It Pays to Be a Facebook Fan of Mount Errigal Hotel!

The Mount Errigal Hotel is delighted to be trialling some new 'Tabs' on their facebook page which means you can now book a room through their Facebook Page! As an incentive the hotel is offering Facebook Fans the chance to avail of a free 'Romance Pack' which consists of Chocolates, Rose Petals and Tealights, all fans need to do is to put 'FACEBOOK' in the comments box on the booking.
The Mount Errigal Hotel is still holding the number 6 spot in Irelands top Facebook hotels. The hotel has seen enormous benefits of the social networking site, not only is it one of the main factors in the hotel's growing success in occupancy but it is also and excellent forum for getting to know your customers and allowing them to influence future decisions in the hotel!

So - spread the word and make sure you are a facebook fan of the Mount Errigal Hotel's page.... Fans get the Best Deals!