Monday, May 20, 2013

10 Top Tips for Packing your Suitcase!

The Mount Errigal Hotel Letterkenny has seen some super-duper packers and some seriously poor packers, we have seen men draped in suitcases and still having to make two or three trips to the car! The worst of it is, it probably wasn’t his doing it was probably the female companion!!!! So, we thought we would give you a little help!! 1. PLAN! Gather everything you think you will need and then put half of them back! 2. Get Rolling! You can roll knits, wools, cottons & jeans and they won’t wrinkle, always put rolled items on the bottom layer 3. Put the stiffer / folded items on the next layer 4. On top of the folded layer, put a dry plastic back, this will allow the folded items a little movement, just enough to avoid them being stuck in the one place to long and getting wrinkly! 5. Shoes, I know this is a bone of contention with the ladies however, how often have we taken ten pairs and only worn 2! You need a casual/comfy pair for daytime, trainers if you plan a bit of running and a dressy pair, that’s it, YES that’s it!!! You can do it! Step away from the shoe rack ;-) 6. Stuff shoes with your phone charger, sunglasses or small beauty products to maximise space 7. Get 8 clear containers and fill them only ¾’s with your products… the baggage part of the plane is highly pressurised… no one wants their bottle of Pepto-Bismal to explode on your perfectly packed clothes! 8. Put socks over your prickly brushes or rollers…. Snags are not hot! 9. Breakables, wrap them in sturdy clothing and put them in the middle of your suitcase 10. Don’t forget your toothbrush :-D, We hope this helps you… I wrote this, I know this and I still have a hubby with a sore back ;-) For details on great family offers this summer in Donegal, visit